Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holidays with Tate

We had a really cute scarecrow and fall flowers with a hay bail but when the cemetery did their clean up we weren't aware of it and they took all of Tatum's stuff so this is what we got to replace it.  It's cute but not as cute as the other stuff.  I just wish I would have gotten a picture before it had been taken.

The day after Thanksgiving we went and gave him his own tree and stuffed reindeer and some solar Christmas candy cane lights.

On Christmas Eve we all decorated ornaments for his tree and took them over to him.  The kids loved decorating the tree.

This is the finished product!  They did a great job and it put us in great Christmas spirits to be able to do something for Tatum.

We also made it a new family tradition since we can't put actual gifts for Tatum in his stocking we've decided to have everyone on Christmas Eve write down a service they have done during the Christmas season and put it in Tatum's stocking and those are our gifts to him.

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