Monday, March 29, 2010

Tatum has surgery today at noon. they are going in to repair his trachea and his esophagus today and the surgeons are very positive about what they are doing. Tatum is very strong today and ready for the surgery. He looks good and had a picc line put in which is like a central line for his medication to go in and he won't have to have his iv's moved and it's more permanent than the iv's so he won't get poked as much- yeah! He is really strong and hasn't had to be sedated in over 24 hours. He just sleeps and is calmed very easily by patting him on his back or rubbing his head. He is my little angel and we are anxious for him to get our baby in and out of surgery! We'll let you know how it all goes.

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  1. Zeffie, we are thinking of you and Brandon and Baby Tate. We hope all goes great with the surgery. This blog is a great way to let others know how he is doing. He is so precious. You are in our prayers.