Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Turns out to be a good news day!

Okay I know I said there wouldn't be much of an update today, but that changed. He got his echo cardiogram today instead of what they said "in a few days" so the results came in really fast and they said that his heart doesn't have a coarch (don't quote me on the spelling) but that just means that the drug they took him off of that closed the vein that is open in the womb and closes after birth is closed now and his blood flow is still good and getting enough blood to the body. If he did have the coarch then it would have meant that no oxygenated blood would get through the heart. It's all hard for me to explain and Brandon gets things so much faster than I do, so it's making me miss him so much more because they have to tell me 3 times before I get it, and then I still can't tell other people what it all means, but I am getting smarter every day. They took him off of his blood pressure medication and he is still doing well. They will take him off of the paralysis medication tomorrow and hopefully try to remove his breathing tube in a few days. Ten days after surgery they'll try doing a swallow test and feeds through his feeding tube. All was good news today and that's enough to make me relax a little.

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  1. Zeffie you are amazing! I don't know how you are getting through this as I would be a mess! Baby Tate, you are so so loved! You are proving to us all what a strong little man you really are both physically and spiritually! You are both in our thoughts and prayers contantly
    Love Steph