Sunday, May 2, 2010

They did a tap on the fluid that's in his chest cavity by his lung today. I couldn't believe how much fluid came out! There was a ton and they said that there is probably a liter in his abdomen as well. They won't tap that unless they have to. They tested the fluid that they pulled out to see what it was and where it was coming from. He has what is called kylothorax. (don't quote me on the spelling) It isn't a good thing. It's usually requires long term treatment. They don't know if he has it from having the TEF surgery or if it's from so much pressure on the abdomen and the problems with the heart. We will find out tomorrow morning (Monday) if cardiology will clear him for surgery or not. If he's not cleared then chances are that he will never get the surgery. I still want him to have the surgery because I know it's the only chance he has, but this makes it so much harder. I just want to hold him and be close to him. I love him so much and I pray that he'll be allowed to stay with us longer. Please pray for us! Thank you all for your support and love!


  1. You are such a good mom! Trust me we are praying for you. -Breck

  2. Zef he is so so darling, thanks for letting me come meet him :) I was only there a short time and he definitely stole a spot in my heart. He had such a sweetness surrounding him that I will never forget. We love you guys