Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today has been the craziest day since we've been here. Every 30 minutes someone new is coming to talk to me. Cardiologists have been in twice to let me know where they are at and what they are waiting for from tests and just checking on Tate, which is weird. Cardiologists are like a mythical creature rare to be seen in this hospital I swear! He has had 2 different ultrasounds. One durring a procedure to put in a chest tube and tap some fluid out of his abdomen, and the other ultrasound was to check his liver again and look for his gall bladder. He doesn't have one of those, but it's nice to know that it's not causing any problems. He got 2 chest x-ray's and has had many blood tests. They are testing the fluid from his abdomen to see if it's the same thing as what is in the chest. If it is not the same thing then they will want to do a liver biopsy to see if his liver is failing. They said his liver tissue looked good still last week. I hope it's not failing as well. Cardiology doesn't think that the heart is causing all of these problems because in the last echo they did the function of the heart was still doing well with the medication he is on. Every one else is thinking that there is no other reason for this all to be happening except for the heart. We'll see. They continue to burn out his iv's on a continuous 12-24 hour basis. He is receiving calcium and it is really hard on their veins. They won't let the nurses poke him for an iv anymore. They have to call in the iv team that has a special light to help them find good veins. They are running out and would hope that they can get a central line put in during a surgery so he doesn't have to have all of these peripheral iv's. Earlier this afternoon the cardiologists and the surgeons and the neonatologist and nurse practitioner all met together to talk about Tatum and get on the same page with things. They all finally agreed to tap his abdomen and get a small sample of the liquid to test to see what it was. His bed side has been constantly surrounded by doctors and techs and many extra nurses. He had 2 full time nurses today all to himself, which was lucky because they have been running non stop since 8:00 this morning. I am glad they are finally doing something but I hate that it's taken so long and is all of the sudden so drastic!

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