Sunday, April 18, 2010

Again I am amazed at how many people are praying for our little Tate! We have so many people fasting and praying for him and I'm sure there are many that are praying for him that I don't know about. Yesterday Olivia went back with us to see Tatum. The other two kids wouldn't wear a mask or gown so they couldn't go back. I think Livy has been the most confused about the whole thing, so I was glad that she went back. Tomorrow at 7:30 am is the time they have him on the schedule for his surgery. I am filled with a peace and comfort knowing that we have done all we can in our power to save him and that it is now in my Heavenly Fathers hands. I can't explain how much I love him and want so badly for him to stay with me. He truly is surrounded by Angels. We're all praying and for now that's all we can do. Love you all! Thanks to everyone who has supported us this far. We are so blessed!

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