Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tate is doing really good today! He doesn't have any iv's in his feet. One of his hands you can at least hold, though it still has an iv in it, it's not all taped up to a cotton pillow so he can actually wrap his fingers around mine. His ng tube is gone (the one in his nose that wasn't ever used for anything at all). His color looks good and his blood tests are all good. He is breathing well and seems to be very comfortable. His stomach is less distended today due to the stools he has released. Hope that's not too much information :) He is cleared for surgery for Friday, and I know how important it is for him to get the surgery but I have asked them not to do it until Monday. They have told me that one of the surgeons is not working because they just had a baby, and another one is on vacation, so he won't actually be for sure on Friday and I am really tired of getting my hopes up for a specific day and then having my hopes let down. This way Brandon can work this week and take off next to be here for the surgery. It is just more likely that he'll actually get the surgery on Monday rather than Friday. That's the plan for now, but I have learned to not put too much into plans that come from this place. We're just here till we're not. Keep praying and thanks for the support! Love you all!

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