Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy one month Tate!!!

Tatum is officially four weeks old today! There have been times that we didn't think we'd make it even this far, but we have! So many people are praying for him and it must be the lords will for him to be here still because he has made it so. We Love you Tate!!! He has so many Angels watching over him from the other side, and there are so many Angels that are here on this side that are taking care of him and me and my family. Thank you to all the nurses, ward members, baby sitters and family members that are doing everything they can to make this as easy as it can be. We really appreciate all that is being done for us. The meals and gifts are phenomenal and we're so appreciative of them and we're so so grateful for all of you that are praying for us. It may seem a small act to you, but it means the world to us! Thank you all! Surgery is still looking good for Monday, so keep praying that it will happen this time. We would like to get it over with and move on to healing!

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