Tuesday, April 20, 2010

They just did their rounds for today. They are saying that the cultures are showing that there isn't any infection but that his body is showing signs of having one. At this point they are thinking that it's a respiratory infection because of how much goopy mucus they are suctioning out of his mouth and throat. They have started him on a new anti-biotic and are running more cultures. They said it will probably be 3-5 days before they will allow him into surgery if the anti-biotics have done their job. They won't do a surgery on the weekend unless it's an emergency, so they think it could be Monday before they get to him. I am grateful that they are taking every precaution with him, but it's very frustrating to have to sit and wait not knowing what's going to happen next. Brandon and I have decided to go home until they let us know when the surgery is. So unless something bad happens in the next few days we'll be back in St. George.

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