Friday, April 9, 2010

They are hoping to get his ventilator tube out today. He had another echo yesterday to check his heart and so far they are just going to keep an eye on how it's growing and plan on doing the surgery that he requires at 6 months. They did an ultrasound on his head to check and make sure he didn't have water on the brain or anything abnormal. That all went really well and now they are going to start discussing when he can go home or at least to the neonatal in Saint George. He just needs to be able to eat a full feeding now to be able to go home. He was really alert this morning and it's the longest Brandon and I have seen him with his eyes open. He is so cute! One of the nurses did a big no no yesterday and took out the tube that was in his nose for feedings and now they will have to do another swallow test to make sure she didn't damage his esophagus. Keep praying! We're hoping all will go well, but we know he's a strong little guy and that the Angels are watching over him!

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