Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surgery When?

Did I say Friday or Monday? Wrong again lets try Wednesday... we'll see. His stomach has been distending over the last week and are now starting to worry about it. First they thought that it was because he wasn't pooping, so they stopped feeding him and gave him some suppositories. That didn't help the stomach to go down, so they took x-ray's and found the bowels looked normal. The next thing they checked for was his heart to see if it was failing again. Usually when the heart is in failure it pumps too much blood to the liver which in turn puts out a lot of fluid, so they thought that might be the problem. Nope. His heart is still doing well on the medications he is on so that wasn't it either. They are now thinking that it is a thing called albumin. It's a small protein that can leak out of his veins and they tested his blood for that level and it was low. So they are giving him large doses of albumin and that is supposed to help suck the extra fluids back into the veins. It really sounds weird to me but that's how they explained it to me. If that doesn't work by tomorrow they will have the gastric intestinal team come look at his g.i. I am a little exhausted today with all of the wondering. He looks really good today and was so alert this morning for long periods of time. I love him so much and I just want him to get as well as possible so that he can get his surgery! He is such a fighter! And have I mentioned how cute he is and that pictures can't do justice for how cute he really is! He seriously is so cute!

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  1. How frustrating! He is a fighter and it sounds like he wants every team of doctors to know just what an amazing kid he is. I am amazed at the strength of his parents as well! You are both incredible. We are praying for You, Brandon, and little Tatum.