Sunday, April 11, 2010

No more Ventilator!

Tatum is doing really well again today. He is off of the ventilator, but they are watching him closely to make sure that his gas levels are normal. They were high when they first took him off of the vent, but they have given him some steroids (very small amounts) to help reduce the inflammation in his esophagus, and it seems to have helped because he's doing better now. He sucks on a pacifier now and it's really cute and surprising that he can with his cleft. We're very proud of him for that! We still haven't gotten to hold him yet, but we're hoping that before we leave we'll get to. I am sad that it's Sunday and we have to go home, but I do miss my other 3. The prayers are working and we hope to have this strong little guy home with us soon! Lots of love to all!

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