Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another good news day!

Tate is doing good today! We always like good news, and today was another good news day! The cardiologist came by today and told me that he won't need surgery for a while, so they will wait till he's about 6 months old to do the heart surgery, and it looks like they will only have to go in once. We still don't know when we'll be able to go home, but we're hoping 3 weeks to a month. Could be more though. We are so grateful for all the prayers that have been on our behalf and we are definetly seeing the results! They are officially done giving him the paralyzing medication so I am hoping to see some movement tomorrow. The swelling has continued to go down. He looks really good. Today I was able to clean his eyes and mouth with a washcloth and though it dosen't seem like much, it's a big deal when I can't do anything for him. I felt like I was actually taking care of him for one small minute. Brandon and the kids are coming up this weekend and I am so glad to have him coming back up here! It might seem like we're a family again, thought the kids won't be able to go back to see Tatum, at least we can all be in the same building and they can see where mommy has been for the last week. Thanks again for all of the support we've been given. The ward has been bringing in meals and we have awesome babysitters! Sisters and grandparents have been a huge blessing in my oldest 3 children's lives and my life this past week! I can't express the gratitude I have for all of you! Thanks for all of the love and prayers! We love you all!

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