Monday, April 19, 2010

Tatum is not going into surgery today. We arrived at the hospital this morning ready to say our temporary goodbye, only to find out that it's not happening today due to a risk of infection. They ran some pre-surgery tests this morning on his blood and are now running cultures. We are hoping that the cultures will come back negative. But it could take as long as two days before those test results are available. He was the first cardiac surgery for the week so the surgery schedule is being rearranged. They are not sure when they will be able to fit him in again. It will most likely be late in the week. We are very frustrated. We know that the doctors and medical staff are doing what is best for our little boy, but it is difficult sitting all day just waiting for the unknown. However, we are also aware that our Heavenly Father has plans that don't always fit our schedules and we must learn to be patient and submit to His will. We pray at this time for the ability to do that. Thank you all for your prayers. Please don't stop. We appreciate all of you so much and feel so blessed by all the support that we have received. Thank you.


  1. My heart aches for you and your family. Every minute is valuable, and as I follow your story I hope and pray every minute that the Lord's will will be your own. Good luck. He is so precious. I can feel his strong spirit through your story.

  2. Brandon and Zeffie, Alan and I just want you to know you are in our prayers and esepcially little Tate! What a treasure he truly is! Heavenly Father is looking after all of you and we want you to know our hearts are with you each day! We love you so much!

    Love Alan and Tisha Andrews

  3. I have you in my prayers and thoughts every day. Kyle and I admire his example and that lil man is so lucky to have you! I love you all!