Monday, April 26, 2010

Today they ran his tests again on his white blood cell count, and surprise, no more infection! I don't know why, but there just isn't any sign of one. They still had infectious disease specialists come look at him today, but they haven't had any reports back yet of what they might think it is. They are still postponing surgery till Friday at least, if not next week. He really does look really good today though. A lot of the swelling in his face and stomach have gone down. They have started feeding him again, more than just his tpn. (Tpn is just his calories and proteins and any extra nourishment that he needs) So he is getting breast milk at least for the next few days. They don't want his intestines doing too much work during surgery so they'll stop the feeds before surgery day. He was so alert this morning I couldn't believe my eyes! He was awake and looking at Brandon and I for about 20 minutes. Brandon's parents were there too. Apparently it's not his first time being that alert because aunt Dawn and my mom have seen him really alert as well, but it was my first time seeing him actually looking at me and not wondering does he see me or are his eyes just open with that drugged look on his face? I know he saw me and he kept looking at me with this face of "Mom this really sucks, but I'll do it any ways." I feel so bad for the pain he must feel and it's so hard not being able to kiss it better. I hope we have more good days like this morning. It really was so cute!


  1. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! Not the pain and sadness part ... but the spending 20 alert minutes with him! Because it is truly ... PRICELESS! He is such a sweet, precious and adorable little boy! I LOVE YOU BRANDON and ZEFFIE! and you already know that I TOTALLY LOVE that little boy of yours!

    Aunt Dawn

  2. 20 minutes is great, one day at a time. Stay strong and hold on to those moments. We are thinking of you and your family. The pictures of Tate are so precious. Thanks for sharing during this time.