Monday, April 5, 2010

Missing Tatum!

I am at home now with Tate's siblings who have needed me here so much that I couldn't neglect them any longer! I am torn between the two places and I miss Tatum so much right now! I called to check on him today and they are weaning him off of the vent. They started that yesterday and they took him down to 20 breaths per minute. It was at a 34 before that. They had to raise it to 24 this morning because his gas levels were low, but they said that's normal and okay since they can't take out the tube until he passes his swallow test, that as of now is scheduled for Wednesday, so keep him in your prayers and pray that he will pass the test! We want him to come home asap!!! We got a voice recorder and recorded some messages for them to play to Tate while we're gone. His nurse this morning said he was really excited to hear the kids voices singing to him and he kept trying to open his eyes and look for them. I can't wait till they can meet him!

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